The Plan – Over Lane

Planting on Over Lane

Plan of apples on Over Lane

Plan of Apples on Over Lane

Buoyed by our early success at the main “amenity area” site, we sought permission to extend the orchard by planting trees along Over Lane, on the approaches to the orchard.

At the end of 2014 we added 12 more apples along Over Lane, and completed the planting the next year with trees that we had grafted ourselves.

The plan on the right shows the Over Lane planting scheme. If you click on the image you will get a full-scale plan.

If you click on variety name in the list below you will get a photo and description of the fruit.

2014 planting (starting from the orchard end):

Acklam Russet
Cockpit Improved
Newton Wonder
Beeley Pippin
Hornsea Herring
Fillingham Pippin
Yorkshire Aromatic
Sharleston Pippin
Beeley Pippin
Flower of the Town

2015 planting:

Beauty of Bath
Redlove Era
Lamb’s seedling
Bramley Seedling
Ribston Pippin
Keswick Codlin
Edward VII
Lord Lambourne

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