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orchard plan (main site)

Orchard Plan – Main Site

Our initial planting at the end of 2012 was on the “amenity area” which had previously been under-used grassed area with a few trees. Planting was predominantly along the eastern and southern edges of the site with a few at the northern end. Subsequently we added the trees around the story circle and the bench, and also planted along Over Lane.

They have been positioned so that the harvesting is progressive with the earliest varieties at the north and later maturing trees along the eastern and southerly aspects. There are a small number of plums and damsons at the south end too.

Towards the end of 2013 we planted some more trees around the Story Circle and the bench. We are training these as “espaliers” – to form low apple tree hedges or walls.

The plan on the right allows you to find the varieties. If you click on the image you will get a full-scale plan.

If you click on variety name in the list below you will get a photo and description of the fruit.

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