The Vision

What will happen

The orchard will be developed on the amenity area off Over Lane (see the map).  The scheme will:

  • plant predominantly apple trees with a small number of plum and damson
  • aim to use older and more local varieties to help preserve local and threatened apples
  • incorporate a ‘story circle’ for use by the local school and provide an area for other communal activities

The area is currently an open space with sloping sides and the central flat area is used for children’s ball games.  The tree planting will use the sloping areas and a portion of flat land alongside an existing large oak tree – this will preserve the flat area so that children’s play and ball games can continue (see The Plan).

The orchard will lend itself to a number of community activities, including apple days, ‘juicing’ events and training days on fruit-tree pruning and grafting.  It should also help bring the community together by involving a number of local organisations and people from across the Baslow and Bubnell areas.

There is an ambition, in time, to develop the concept of an ‘extended’ orchard with tree planting in other suitable areas of the village.

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